Management of Institutes

The management of the Institution is managed by an Executive Committee elected by the members. Executive Committee has members from the various fields of the Society and having vast experience and specialization in their field.
To achieve its goal of service to the visually disabled, the institution conduct the following courses under the able guidance of its Managing Committee members:
(a) The girls and boys students are imparted education from Nursery to 12th standard in Braille system. The syllabus is the same as that of the normal students of the society in NCT Delhi. After passing out students are helped to pass their Secondary, Sr. Secondary and graduation level through Open school and correspondence courses respectively.
(b) CHAIR RECANNING WORK:- The chair rescanning is taught to the Visually disabled with a course of practical training for a period of 2 years and it is also part of syllabus upto middle classes to enable them to get suitable jobs in Govt., Semi Govt. establishments. Colorful patterns of canning are very much appreciated by the visitors and donor members. Some other related jobs of stringing, matting are also on the move for which a plot of land has been acquired on Highway at Kotputli (Rajasthan) and construction has since started.
(c) MUSIC CLASSES:- The Visually disabled have got special taste for music, vocal and instrumental. The training in music also imparted to visually disabled by experts in these fields. We have teachers specially qualified in this field. The children are prepared for yearly vocal and instrumental music exams from any recognized institute.
(d) CANDLE MAKING:- Necessary training is provided to the inmates for candle making so that they can learn this art. The candles manufactured are very much appreciated by the people visiting the institution. The students are enrolled for these job oriented courses between the age group of 10-15 years irrespective of caste, color and creed. The entire job is undertaken with the help of well experience staff as well as the excellent office staff under the stewardship of the members of Executive Committee. The school has 65 students on roll during the year 2014-15 whereas the school has provision for 80 students due to non receipt of grant- in-aid from the ministry of Social Welfare; we are unable to increase the No. of students.
(e) TEACHING STAFF:- There are 11 Teachers who are well conversant in their subjects. They work under the able guidance of the General Secretary.
The school has land measuring 3500 Sq. yards ( approx.) situated in the slum colony of Raghubir Nagar. Presently we have the following accommodation:-
1. Hostel rooms 21 Permanent
2. Class rooms 11 Permanent
3. Staff room 01 Permanent
4. Office room 02 Permanent
5. Kitchen 01 Permanent
6. Dining Hall 01 Permanent
7. Latrines 12 Permanent
8. Urinal 04 Permanent
9. Bathrooms 07 Permanent
10. Store Rooms 06 Permanent
11. Staff Residential Rooms 03 Permanent
12 1 Temple
HOSTEL FACILITIES:- Hostel facilities are provided free of cost. Clothes/Beddings/Uniforms and all other basic amenities are also provided free of cost to the blind inmates. Each room is fitted with suitable light and fans. Coolers arrangements are made for boys and girls to safe guard the Children during summer. The hostel is looked after by an experienced Hostel Superintendent/Hostel warden and staff.
FOOD AND MEDICAL FACILITIES:- These are also provided free of cost to the students of this Institute. Efforts are made to provide the balanced diet to the students which is made by trained cooks under the supervision of experts in the field. We are grateful to Dr. Vinod Khetarpal and his family for their generous help and free medical check up to our students as and when needed. The medicines so prescribed are purchased from the chemists.
CULTURAL ACTIVITIES:- The students are involved in various cultural activities so that they can become useful citizens of the society. A small temple has been constructed in the school premises where religious festivals are celebrated with great enthusiasm in which Visually disabled take active part. This is in addition to usual Essay and Poetry competitions arranged on regular basis by the school. The students were taken for an excursion tour to an amusement park near Rohini, where they enjoyed fully.
BARBER SERVICE:- This is also provided free of cost to the Visually disabled inmates to keep them smart and healthy. The barber visits once a week and is eagrly awaited by all.
COUNSELLING SERVICE:- S/Shri Nagendra Singh & Devendra Singh are easily available to the blind persons for effective and practical counseling in the field of education, employment and emotional problems.
Extra Curricular Activities:-
(a) Games are an integral part of our curriculum. Our students not only enjoy games but also participate in inter school Braille writing competitions in both English and Hindi and also in open athletic competitions. This year, we arranged inter class competitions in Vocal and instrumental music, Braille writing and reading competition to encourage them.
(b) Yoga training to the students both boys & girls is being imparted in the evening by a Social Activist (Mr. Hemant Sharma) to keep the students healthy, tension free & disease free. This also includes Meditation on regular basis. The students proved their worth in the field and compelled the General Public to think that they can compete with the sighted students without any problem. The efforts of Mr. Hemant Sharma are appreciable and praise worthy.