Aims & Objectives

The Aims & objects of the Organization are:

1. To help the visually handicapped children without distinction of caste, color and creed, to become independent and useful citizens of the country
2. To give them training of skilled artisans of the work suitable to their caliber and education to make them useful and independent citizens. Computer Literacy and to promote I.T. i.e. Information Technology accessible for the Visually Impaired persons. In addition to that job oriented handicrafts and arts-such as canning, candle making, Aggarbatti & Dhoop, vocal music, typing and all other purposeful handicrafts etc.
3. To prepare the visually handicapped children for adoption of suitable career and employment with Private, Public and Govt. Organization.
4. To establish or acquire for above purpose proper work centers, training centers and equip then with proper tools.
5. To promote aid, help and develop the interest of the visually handicapped in the Union Territory of Delhi in particular and all over India in all possible ways.
6. To initiate in getting employment to visually impaired as per their qualifications and to promote all other activities for the furtherance of the cause of the visually impaired and to establish and manage work centre, library, educational and cultural institutions for the welfare and rehabilitation of the visually impaired.
7. To raise funds by carrying on work of the institution through government, special organization, firms/ individual and all other Legitimate means available.
8. To work as Non-official body mainly dependent on public support for carrying on its aims and objects of providing education and training of skilled artisans as per caliber of visually impaired.
9. To try and discourage begging among the younger generation of the visually impaired and particularly those under training of this institute.
10. To subscribe, support or organize visually impaired welfare schemes and for that purpose to arrange medical aid, open welfare centers and promote common provident fund and gratuity by place with or without assistance of the Government and other Non-Government Organizations.
11. To do all things as are incidental and conductive to the attainment of the above objects.
12. To establish shelter workshops to promote the Cottage Industry.